How To Pursue Compensation When Your Child Is Injured On A Playground

If your child is injured on a playground and incurs medical bills, it is within your rights to try and recoup those costs. How you recoup these costs depends upon where the playground was located that your child was hurt on. #1 Business Location If your child was hurt at a business location, such as a play structure located at a children-focused restaurant or a child play center, you are going to want to talk to the manager of the location. Read More 

Defining Wrongful Death When All Death Is Wrong

All deaths seem wrong in one way or another. A mother dies in childbirth, leaving a child with no mother. A husband and wife are split by death, with one surviving without the other. Tragic and bizarre accidents kill dozens of people out of the blue, and kamikaze religious zealots bomb concerts killing children as well as adults. Could you honestly look at any of these deaths and say they are " Read More 

Should You Sue For Loss Of Consortium?

Your physical and mental injuries, damaged vehicle, and pain and suffering are the damages that your personal injury attorney will likely focus on the most. However, they are not the only damages you might be entitled to. There is a possibility that you are owed compensation for loss of consortium. Although the amount you receive will be less than the other damages, it is sometimes worth pursuing. If you are filing a claim or lawsuit for a car accident, here is what you need to know about the loss of consortium. Read More 

Can A Gym’s Waiver Keep You From Suing After An Accident?

Accidents at the gym are relatively common. When an injury results in the need for medical care and time off from work, there is a possibility that the gym could be held responsible for the injury. If you suffered an injury at the gym, here is what you need to know.   Did You Sign a Waiver?  Chances are, when you joined the gym, you signed a waiver that released it from any liability if you are injured. Read More 

Recover What’s Yours By Staying Involved - Questions For An Auto Accident Attorney

While the open road has long been an important part of American culture, it also comes with a wide variety of dangers and challenges. If you've ever been involved in a serious auto accident, it's likely that you know first hand how difficult a struggle it is to secure the justice you're due and make sure you're taking steps to protect your interests. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your attorney in the wake of an auto accident. Read More