Deemed To Be At MMI? Know What To Expect Next

 In the context of a work accident victim, "MMI" typically stands for "maximum medical improvement." MMI is a significant milestone in the medical treatment and assessment of an injured individual. It's the point at which the victim has recovered as much as possible, and any remaining impairments or disabilities are likely to be permanent. When a work accident victim reaches MMI, several things can happen next: Medical Assessment: The victim's treating physician will conduct a thorough assessment of the individual's condition and provide a detailed report on their medical status, including any permanent impairments, disabilities, and restrictions. Read More 

When Another Driver Fails To Yield The Right Of Way

Failing to yield the right of way is an unfortunately common cause of accidents and can lead to serious consequences. Below are some reasons why failing to yield the right of way can cause accidents. Intersection collisions: Failing to yield at intersections is a leading cause of accidents. For example, a driver who fails to yield at a stop sign or red light can collide with cross-traffic, causing T-bone or head-on collisions. Read More 

Should You Wait For Your Appeal Before Hiring An SSDI Lawyer?

Dealing with the social security disability process can be frustrating, difficult, and intimidating. Unfortunately, the need to apply for SSDI can often make the process feel even more overwhelming. You most likely need the benefits the program provides, so wading through the application process and worrying about your approval chances can often add unnecessary stress. Since you don't need an attorney to apply for social security disability insurance, many people go through the initial process independently and wait to hire a lawyer until their first denial. Read More 

Auto Accident Compensation: What You Need To Know

Auto accidents that result in injuries typically cause severe financial stress to those harmed in the crash. If you are ever seriously injured in an auto accident, you are going to need compensation for your financial damages such as medical bills and lost income. The following article examines this critical legal topic. How Do You Pay a Lawyer?  Although you do not have to employ the services of an attorney after a serious auto accident, it's generally a good idea. Read More 

4 Ways A Car Accident Attorney Comes In Handy When Claiming Insurance Benefits

When involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to certain benefits from the insurance company. However, it can be difficult to navigate the often complex process of filing and collecting these benefits without having legal representation. A car accident attorney can help make this process easier, ensuring that you get your rightful benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are four ways a car accident attorney comes in handy when claiming insurance benefits:  Read More