How To Get Justice After Being Involved In A Collision Caused By An Intoxicated Driver

Drugs and alcohol impair the brain, making it hard to concentrate and make informed decisions when driving. That explains why motorists who drive under the influence can cause incredibly serious accidents. DUI driving is a criminal offense, and any driver engaging in this reckless behavior should face the law. Therefore, you have a right to file a claim after being involved in a collision caused by a motorist driving under the influence. Here's how to get justice in your case.

Raise Arguments to Prove the Wrongdoer Broke the Law 

Motorists must follow all traffic rules when driving. Besides, they should drive carefully to prevent accidents that may injure them and other road users. Therefore, if a drunk driver collides with you, you can sue them for breaking the law. 

When arguing your case, your lawyer can request the court to punish the at-fault party for carelessness and exposing other road users to danger. After a successful argument, the judge may hand the wrongdoers a jail sentence and compel them to compensate you for your damages.

Provide Evidence to Prove That the Wrongdoer Caused the Collision

If the at-fault party is convicted of DUI, you can use this conviction to prove that they injured you in the collision. However, the wrongdoer's insurer might ask you to provide more evidence linking their client to the collision. Besides, they might accuse you of being partly at fault to try and reduce your compensation. 

When faced with such a situation, your car accident attorney must produce convincing evidence. That includes a police report showing that the wrongdoer broke traffic rules. They can also use video evidence from nearby surveillance cameras and vehicle dashboard cameras. 

Work With a Legal Practitioner throughout the Case

An accident caused by an intoxicated motorist can cause life-threatening injuries. Therefore, you might want to secure the highest payment possible to cover your medical expenses. Working with a professional legal advisor can enable you to maximize your payments. They can investigate the car crash and determine how it happened. They will then collect evidence to prove that the at-fault party was intoxicated during the accident. Most importantly, a lawyer knows how to calculate the correct amount to request from the insurance company.

You're entitled to compensation when injured in a car crash caused by an intoxicated motorist. But it's valuable to consult with a DUI attorney to help you get justice. They can get information linking the at-fault driver to the collision, and ensure they face judgment and compensate you.