Responding To A Dog Bite Injury

A person that suffers a dog bite can experience significant injuries. Due to these injuries, it can be common for individuals to pursue legal action following this type of incident. However, it can be difficult for people that have recently been bitten by a dog to make prudent decisions if they are unfamiliar with some important questions and answers about these incidents.  

Is A Dog Bite A Serious Injury?

It is common for individuals to assume that a dog bite is only serious if it results in a major tear or puncture of the skin. While these injuries can require stitches or other sutures to close, it is possible for even seemingly minor dog bites to pose a major health problem. This is due to the threat of disease that can follow one of these bites. In addition to the risk of rabies or other viruses, there will also be a variety of bacteria in the dog's mouth that can cause a serious infection if they get into a wound.

Is A Police Report Really Necessary?

Immediately after suffering the dog bite, victims should seek to file a report with the police as soon as possible. These reports are needed so that the incident can be thoroughly documented in an official capacity. Furthermore, this report will contain the name and contact information of the dog's owner. When victims fail to obtain one of these reports immediately after the dog bite occurs, they can severely weaken their case as it will be much harder to track down the dog's owner and there will not be an official record of this attack. While it is still possible to pursue legal action in these situations, you will need to consult with a personal injury attorney to understand the best strategy to take.

If A Dog Is On A Leash, Does It Negate The Liabilities If It Bites Someone?

Most communities will have leash laws in place that are designed to ensure dog owners keep their animal under control when it is in public. Yet, it is still possible for a dog to bite another person or animal when they are on a leash. This is particularly true for those in cities or other crowded areas. In these situations, the victim may assume that the leash will absolve the owner of liability for the bite. However, the owner will still be responsible for controlling the animal despite it being on a leash. Otherwise, they can be fully liable for the injuries and damages the animal causes.

Contact a dog bite attorney in order to learn more about what you can do in this situation.