3 Critical Legal Tips When Dealing With A Severe Dog Bite

Dogs are incredible creatures, but there are some that are aggressive and do end up biting. If you've been bitten by a dog and you sustain significant injuries, you need to remember these legal tips. They'll help you sort out this dilemma correctly. 

Document Your Injuries 

If you plan on taking the dog's owner to court, then you need to document your injuries. This shows that the accident is real and paints a picture of just how severe the bite was. There are plenty of ways to document these injuries too.

You could simply capture pictures with your phone. Get multiple angles of the bite so that there's a clear representation of what happened. It also helps to go to an emergency room or health clinic. In addition to receiving treatment, medical professionals will document your injuries via reports. You can then use these reports in court as evidence.

Never Admit Guilt 

One of the most important things to remember after a severe dog bite is to never admit guilt. Doing so will only hurt your personal injury claim. If police get involved, make sure you tell them exactly what happened. Just make sure you don't blame yourself for the bite.

If you talk to the dog owner directly, you also need to be careful with what you say. The slightest admission of guilt on your part could cause the owner to use this statement in court, if this case makes it into court proceedings. Be honest and concise when talking to anyone about the dog bite.

Get Legal Assistance 

If you're concerned about the potential outcome of this dog bite injury case, then you should just get legal assistance from a dog bite attorney. They can help in so many ways. For example, they can collect evidence showing that the dog bite wasn't your fault. Witnesses may be tracked down, or there may even be video footage of the accident thanks to home security cameras.

A dog bite attorney can also make sure you receive a fair compensation amount for the injuries you sustained from the bite. This can help you take care of medical bills that resulted and address lost wages from possible time off from work. 

Most dogs are amazing creatures and wouldn't hurt a fly. Then there are dogs that are aggressive and end up biting humans. If you're put in this predicament, make sure you approach this accident carefully from a legal standpoint. Collect evidence and utilize professional resources so that this whole ordeal can be put past you.