Get Injured At Work But Wait A Couple Days To Get Treatment? Get A Lawyer And Get Compensation

If you hurt yourself while you were at work, but didn't decide to seek medical care until after you had left or after the pain got worse a few days later, your employer may try to give you a hard time about workers compensation options. If your employer is trying to say that the injury didn't take place on their property, or that you did something else to make the injury worse, you want to call a lawyer. Here are a few signs that you need to get legal help, because you have a case against your employer.

The Incident Happened at Work

Can you prove that the injury occurred at work? If there are cameras that show that you were injured at work, if you filed a report, or you have eye witnesses, then these should help you prove that you were injured while you were at work. You want to gather all of the evidence, and get statements from people that saw it so you can give this to your lawyer.

It Could Have Been Avoided

Could the injury have been avoided if someone at your place of employment did their job more safely or properly, or if the facility had been cared for in a better manner? If the injury was a direct result of negligence to the work property or with the work environment, then your injuries didn't need to happen and your employer needs to be held responsible.

Your Medical Injuries and Bills are Extensive

If your injury is permanent, will need months of treatment or surgery, or will affect your life for years to come, this could mean you have a case. If you had to miss a lot of work and you now have stacks of medical bills that you have to pay, this could put you in financial grief. Your employer should have to pay for the time you aren't working and the bills you have coming in, along with any additional suffering.

If you didn't go to the medical facility right away when you were hurt because you didn't know how badly you were injured, but you are now suffering and your employer is trying to place something else for your harm, it's time to get legal help. A work injury attorney is the best option for this type of case, and they can help you right away to get the money that you are missing.