When A Workout Goes Wrong

Your motivation for going to the gym in the first place was probably to improve your health, but sometimes things go very wrong and you are left worse off than before. The potential to be injured in this type of environment is high, and one look at the pieces of potentially dangerous equipment and wet areas can tell you how easily an injury could occur. Read on to learn more about how to handle an injury in the gym, and how to ensure that you don't suffer from that gym's negligence.

Did you sign a release?

It's difficult to do almost anything anymore without having to sign a document that promises you will "hold harmless" the business if you get injured. Many people mistakenly believe that by signing and agreeing to this release that they have given up their rights to sue. Your ability to sue is not based on any release you signed, but on the nature of the injury itself. Use common sense and be careful because your own negligent actions are not grounds for a lawsuit against the gym.

Using due care

Gyms, like most places, have rules and there is an expectation that patrons will be careful. You must do your part, since the gym cannot protect you against every single hazard. For example, if you wear improper footwear around the pool area and slip, you are not using due care. Everyone knows that pool areas are wet, and your slippery shoes contributed to your fall. You likely do not have a case against the gym for that injury.

When the gym is negligent

That being said, gyms have a duty to their customers to provide a safe workout space, and they must aggressively pursue safety practices and warn customers of potential dangers. If you have done your part by following the rules and still get injured, you have the right to be compensated. For example, if a piece of gym equipment was not property maintained and injured you, you have the right to sue. If you get an infection from the hot tub because the chlorine level was inadequate, the gym is clearly at fault. It should be emphasized that a release does not protect a business from lawsuits, no matter what you signed, if their actions were negligent.

If you are the victim of an gym related accident, speak to an accident attorney about your case.