Boss Wants To Settle Your Injury Outside Of Worker’s Comp? Read This First

Injuries at the workplace can create a strain on both employees and employers. But the rules for worker's compensation are designed to protect both parties and help the recovery process go as smoothly as possible. That's why it's concerning when bosses want to settle their claims with employees outside of the worker's compensation arena. If you have a boss who is pressuring you to go around insurance, read this.

What's Going On?

When you have this situation at your workplace, you have to wonder what the boss' motive is. Do they not actually have enough worker's compensation insurance to cover you? Do they fear their premiums will go up? Are they trying to cheat you out of the benefits owed to you? In any case, there are few good and legal reasons for avoiding filing a worker's compensation claim.

You Are Owed Compensation

Unless you were doing something extremely negligent, such as operating machinery while intoxicated, your company owes you worker's compensation benefits in their full amount. This means you shouldn't struggle to get payment for your medical bills, and you shouldn't have to ask your boss for permission or money to go to a doctor. You are also entitled to money to pay for a portion of your salary until you recover. In fact, worker's compensation insurance handles these claims in a fair and regulated way, making it easy for companies to administer these payments by law. So what's holding up your boss?

Does Your Boss Dispute the Claim?

One thing that bosses may argue is that you are responsible for your own injury. This usually doesn't matter. They may argue that you weren't on duty during that accident as well. If you have a boss that's giving you pushback about filing a worker's compensation claim, hire a worker's compensation attorney to help push the paperwork forward. You shouldn't have to deal with an uncooperative boss to get what's owed to you by law.

Your Boss Can't Fire You for Filing a Claim

This brings us to the last point: you might be reluctant to go around your boss and file a worker's compensation claim. The law states that your boss may not fire you as retaliation for filing a claim. Find a worker's compensation lawyer like Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC who can help set your employer straight as to their responsibilities in this arena; it will be beneficial to both of you in the long run.