How To Prevent Injuries And Further Damages After A Tire Blowout

Driving with a blowout tire is dangerous, especially if you were going at a high speed and has never practiced for it. Still, you can get out of the sticky situation if you know what to do. Here are some of the things to do if you find yourself in such a situation:

Force Yourself Not to Panic

Panicking in an emergency, such as a tire blowout, is a recipe for disaster. The more you panic, the more you are unlikely to respond rationally to the emergency at hand. In fact, even if you have practiced handling a tire blowout, you can easily forget your practice if you allow yourself to panic. If you are hit with a wave of panic, force yourself to take a deep breath and keep as calm as you can under the circumstances.

Keep Your Hands on the Steering Wheel

Controlling a car with a blowout tire isn't easy, so you need your hands firmly on the wheels for better control. The damaged tire may not obey the steering direction as much as the wholesome tires, so you need to steady your grip on the wheel to prevent any sudden or uncontrolled movements.

Hit the Accelerator to Stabilize the Vehicle

Many drivers who experience tire blowouts instinctively hit the breaks to stop their cars. However, that can easily destabilize the car. In fact, you should do the opposite – hit the accelerator – since that will stabilize the car. Don't worry, the car won't accelerate since the damaged tire won't be running as well as the other tires, and this will slow down the car.

Slow Down and Pull Off the Road

Once you have stabilized the car, you need to slow it down and pull off the road to give way for other road users. Don't hit the brakes hard; rather, apply minimum pressure so that the car can decelerate gradually so that you don't lose control of the car. You can then pull off the road once you have judged the speed to be sufficient. Don't rush in putting on your hazard lights, that may only confuse the drivers behind. Instead, wait until you are truly off the road before putting them on.

Don't admit liability if you hit another car in the process; leave that to the government and accident investigators; it might even turn out that another motorist was at least partially responsible for the crash. Consulting an automobile accident injury attorney as soon as possible will help you safeguard your legal rights.